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USF national scholarship recipients so far this year and counting...

Marshall-Mitchell-Rhodes and Schwarzman Scholarships

ONS initiated a campus-wide search, nomination and interview process for students to compete for USF's endorsement of candidates for the highly sought after Marshall-Mitchell-Rhodes and Schwarzman scholarships.

At this time, the search has concluded, with interviews to take place in early May. Please be advised that for these opportunities, we will likely not consider applicants for the 2017 competition, beyond this point, unless highly compelling scholar profiles warrant a change.

To learn more about the nomination process for 2018, please contact ONS at

Begin your journey here!

  1. Create your ONS profile. This is your home base for scholarship information and beginning a mentoring relationship with an ONS adviser.
  2. Add the scholarships of interest to your profile, which will automatically add you to the scholarships’ email list about upcoming workshops and deadlines.
  3. Become a scholarship expert by exploring the scholarships’ websites and becoming thoroughly familiar with each opportunity (serveral of which involve: Education Abroad, Public Service, Funded Research, and Study Grants).
  4. Attend an informational workshop to identify opportunities of interest and a strategies workshop to learn what to do to become competitive to win. Please see the linked schedule for our workshops. RSVP here.
If you have specific questions, email ONS at

Upcoming Events!

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What is the Office of National Scholarships?

Our office works with students to create customized roadmaps for becoming viable national scholarship candidates. We advise, mentor, and train students through mapping and matching their academic and research pursuits to strategically align with the requirements of competitive scholarships and fellowships.

What are national scholarships?

National scholarships are unique opportunities for high-achieving students to gain experiences that will help direct their pursuit of academic, professional, and personal goals.
Examples of these scholarships include the opportunity to:

  • Research and work in cutting-edge robotics engineering at top German institutions.
  • Represent the United States while teaching English in a foreign country.
  • Learn and practice a language critical to U.S. security in a country of that language’s origin.
  • Hone your leadership skills and join the world’s alliance to eradicate HIV/AIDS.

What are the benefits of attaining a national scholarship?

There are many different national scholarships, all of which offer unique and impactful benefits, some of which include:

  • Securing funding for academic and professional study
  • Building the foundation of an international network in STEM research
  • Becoming part of a world movement for humanitarian efforts

For International Students...

International students are in a unique situation. Because US citizenship or permanent residency is required for most of the funded opportunities ONS facilitates applications to, we have put together a list of opportunities that international students are eligible to apply for. Here are your steps to find the right opportunity for you:

1. Click the button below to download a document filled with funded opportunities for you to peruse
2. Search the document thoroughly to find the opportunities that are of interest to you
3. Visit their websites to become an expert on that scholarship
4. Attend an International Student Workshop – see Upcoming Events list for an upcoming workshop

We are eager to assist you in your national scholarship journey!

Goldwater Scholarship recipients Michael Calzadilla and Fiona Kearns meet President Judy Genshaft at the Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award ceremony

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