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Faculty members play a critical role in this scholarship process. Their interactions and relationships with students are integral in the students’ development as merit-based scholarship candidates. Faculty members assist the Office of National Scholarships by identifying and referring exceptional students to us, writing letters of recommendation for students, reviewing completed applications and essays, participating as mock interviewers, and supporting our students’ efforts to be a competitive applicant. Their support and assistance is an important component of our office.

Refer Students to Us

If an outstanding student stands out in class, laboratory, or other ways, faculty please refer them to the Office of National Scholarships to see what awards the student may be competitive for. You can also notify our office of any students who you feel are exceptional but too modest to come discuss awards without being prompted to. We will reach out to them and see what they may be a great fit for. Recommend a student!

Letters of Recommendation

Most awards require that applicants submit letters of recommendation. If a student asks you for one, please only agree if you feel that you can write a strong letter commending the student’s exceptional qualities. Your letters are how students’ applications come to life for the reviewers. For more help, we recommend that you consult Writing Personal Statements Online by Joe Schall.
(Joe Schall Recommendation Letters presentation)

Faculty Reviewers

For our most competitive awards, we will compile students’ applications and have a panel of faculty reviewers look over and provide feedback on their applications. This is a way for students to submit their strongest work to the selection committees. Faculty Reviewers provide great feedback to our nominees.

Mock Interviewers

Students who apply for awards that require interviews prepare via mock interviews with the Office of National Scholarships staff members and USF faculty members. Mock interviews allow the students to prepare for the questions they will face as a finalist, as well as helping them identify and compose responses to any holes or weaknesses in their application. For tips visit

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